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People / Jesse Barlow

Aktualisiert: 27. Feb. 2020

Kurz und knackig
  • Jesse Barlow // Yoga/Sanskrit name Cowshit

  • born 1979

  • work - Yoga Teacher

  • life motto - "try my best to do good in every moment"

About: Jesse Barlow

Dear Jesse,

words fail me – you are simply wonderful! Inspiring, funny, profound and light-hearted. We only met one single time, yet you left a lasting impression.

It was in Taghazout, Morocco in October 2015. Has it really been that long? So much has changed in the meantime; I have changed, too. You, it seems, are constantly on the go and always moving. But one constant remains, overcoming the time and space that separates us: you are there – in my memories as well as in reality, every time we hear from each other. Each and every time you manage to put a smile on my face, to react to serious issues with lightness.

And that’s exactly what I want this text to be today: light and weightless. We had a good time. Full stop. It’s the moments that count. And I can remember so many of them – funny moments as well as intense ones. Most of the time a perfect combination of both. This carefree profoundness is the essence of your personality and what makes you so wonderful.

I clearly remember one of your yoga lessons, when you told us to place our feet shoulder-width apart and corrected my posture with the words “if that’s your shoulder distance, you must be a rugby player!”. I simply love your dry humor and your quick-wittedness, creating an atmosphere in which I always felt good and never judged. Let’s face it, I am a miserable yogi – but I don’t care, I have fun doing it and is good for my well-being. Still, every now and then I can’t help but compare myself to others and come off badly in comparison - everybody else always seems to be more flexible, more graceful, better at everything. Other times I am afraid of other peoples’ assessment: am I doing this right? What do the others think? How do I look in this posture? All the while knowing that this kind of insecurity and self-doubt won’t help me feel better about myself or improve my yoga skills. Your lessons have helped me improve the opinion I have of myself. With ease and humor I can now laugh about myself and at the same time be brave enough to try something new, to grow and develop. Well, to be honest, I am still really bad at yoga and should maybe consider a rugby career after all. :)

But you showed me that we don’t make progress by pushing or even forcing us, by devaluating and criticizing ourselves, but by treating each other with respect and ease. Whenever we have fun doing something we maintain the courage, the motivation and stamina necessary to improve. And even if we don’t get any better, then at least we are having fun trying.

I sincerely hope I was able to incorporate this approach into my own therapeutic practice: to observe without judgement, to accept, to understand and to give impulses. Your humor provides the necessary ease and eliminates any grim determination. It has made you seem authentic, approachable and “normal” as opposed to being some kind of aloof, super-flexible, spiritual yoga guru. You surf the waves weightlessly and live your own life, regardless of conventions. Simply normal. Simply alive. Simply good.

While writing these lines more and more aspects come to mind – like your courage to simply go your own way, once again with joy and ease. It may be unconventional – but it showed me that everything is possible and that each and every one of us should ask himself “Am I living the life I want to live?”. There are no “musts” in life – but the freedom to want anything and do anything.

I once asked you how you cope with the loneliness that comes with always being on the move, always starting fresh in different places. Your answer was “I can’t be so selfish to keep you all to myself. There are many people in the world who make me smile.”

In this spirit let me finish with a big smile on my face – it is still there, although I haven’t seen you in five years. No matter where we are and what we do, let’s take a moment every now and then to think of all the wonderful people who accompany us and put a smile on our face. We are not alone. Thank you for that, Jess!

Big hug and little kiss – or rather little hug and big kiss?! – But definitely, a big smile!

Take care, Claudia

PS: Let’s go and grab some ice-cream together, with a sunshine smile on our face!

...and stay as wonderful as you are!

If you want to know more about Jesse, you can find him on Facebook and Instagram. Or better still, meet him live and in person in one of his retreats and teachings - It’s absolutely worth it and you will collect a valuable big-smile-memory.

Jesse im Interview

Your passion in life is...

"...surfing - connection - life"

When and how did you discover your passion?

"When I started traveling and teaching yoga in Morocco and I thought - wow this is actually my real life. My next thought was wow, this could be the rest of my "real" life."

Who or what inspired you? Can you remember a specific moment of inspiration?

"Coaching teams and / or teaching is a very rewarding job. I never feel that I´m responsible for a "breaktrough" but I get to be around a lot of people who experience moments of personal growth or evolution and those are very special to be witness to.

What is your personal perspective on life?

"It´s always changing. I´m always trying to be open to growth opportunities and hope that new experience allows my perspective to be fluid."

What is your personal source of strength and energy?

"Other people - on both ends of the spectrum. As many people that I may influence in a positive way there are people who have always been there for me when I´m searching for answers."

Do you have ways to strengthen confidence in yourself?

"It´s perspective and I don´t know if I would use the word confidence. I often have little confidence but now I lack fear when I do something I´ve come a custom. Some of "my greatest ideas" that I had great confidence in - failed, epically for one reason or another. At other times you lack back on email or a little note you get from someone and it gives me all the confidence I need to keep going."

Do you have visions / goals for the future?

"Living life to the fullest."

What are your daily actions to achieve these visions and goals?

"Being honest. Sometimes stillness / nothing is my action - I spend a lot of time doing this. When at work I like to be full present in moment. I like to be prepared for it but not control it and allow it to be as original as possible."

What is your message for others?

"Be yourself, have fun, be kind to others and to yourself!"


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